Welcome to the Loom blog!

Our artisans have come together to produce beautiful handmade products and we want to share the process with you. In our workspace we spend time working on crafts such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, embroidery, etc. During these sessions we collaborate with local Chicago designers who help the artisans learn more about the craft that we’re working on. 

This week the Loom artisans had some fun with indigo dye! Our lovely instructor, Hana collaborated with us in making beautiful indigo dyed silk scarves, jewelry, rope, you name it! 

Our artisans have a way of making each item unique in their own way. For example, this week Ganga showed us that she can observe an indigo dye pattern on paper and easily recreate it on the silk scarves without hesitation. Dil had fun branching out and trying new techniques to get versatile shades and patterns of indigo using marbles, stones, and other folding techniques! We also took some of our crocheted earrings beautifully made by artisan Klezar and dressed them up with some indigo dye! We always enjoy our weekly workshops because  it’s a great time to experiment and come up with new ideas for our products. 

Ganga unraveling her beautiful hand-dyed indigo silk scarf! 

Dil shows us her lovely work with a smile!

We’re very excited to continue sharing what goes on in the Loom workplace! As always, a big thank you to Catholic Charities for helping us make this happen!