Did someone say tea towels?

Yes! We are making more tea towels! We had such a great success with them at Dose Market which made the artisans so excited to make more. This week we sketched our patterns with the help from the lovely Loom instructor, Hana! Most of the artisans have been practicing the handcraft of embroidery throughout most of their lives -- it's wonderful to see them put so much love into each piece they create.

Besan has been working on a little q&a with the artisans that we plan on including in our new product cards. Our goal is to give the artisans a voice for each product they make. 

We have had such great progress these past few weeks at Loom and cannot wait to share more of what we have in store for you all. Be sure to follow along through our social media pages to stay in touch with what's happening this spring/summer.