Klezar's Wedding Designs

We are so excited to share artisan, Klezar's work on customizing Sarah's wedding dress! HUGE Congratulations to the newly weds - we couldn't be happier for you! 

Loom interpreter, Aya helped Klezar and Sarah (who was previously with us at Loom) work together in coming up with this gorgeous and flawless design. Klezar has always had a knack for making thinks by hand. She also has a great eye for putting together her own patterns, designs, and colors at Loom. 

In Sarah's Instagram post she writes, "Meaningful times working with my mom and one of the talented Loom artisans @loomchicago to design my wedding dress - cardamom tea at each dress fitting and she tells me about the rest of her family, Christians in Iraq, who are currently displaced during the ISIS crisis."

We spoke with Klezar about the exciting process and she explained that she and Sarah collaborated on coming up with the perfect design to add to her dress. Within 24 straight hours (wow), Klezar put all of their ideas together in one finished product! 

Klezar gained a lot of her experience through sewing and working with textiles while living in Iraq and from her family. She also works with Jamie Hayes at Production Mode sewing bags, jackets, skirts, and other products, specifically working with leather. At Loom, Klezar loves to sew and make crochet earrings, so be sure to check out a few of her items available in our online shop!

We are constantly amazed that the artisans go above and beyond their projects and can't wait to share more stories like these in the future!