Meet Neta: Loom's New Coordinator!

Loom is happy to welcome a new coordinator, Neta! Get to know her and her passion for art and empowerment:

What drew you to Loom?

Neta: Everything; Loom is a group of Refugee Women Artisans. The three words, each on their own mean so much to me, finding these three words grouped together, I felt like it was tailored to me. Women: I am not necessarily a feminist in the old meaning of the word, but I consider myself a fighter for women's power and independence. Refugee: I am not one, but I am a foreigner, I was born in one side of the world, grew up in the opposite corner, and now live yet in a third contrasting country, cultural and traditional identity is a question with ongoing answers always present in my thoughts. Artisans: Having lived all my life in big-fast pace-consumerist metropolis, I have always had a fascination with nature, old traditions and hand-made things. I am shocked every time I think about how we wouldn't survive without the "necessity" to buy (cheap) from big corporations like Ikea and Target. In my life and home I try to create (or exchange with other makers) as many things as I can, myself being a ceramist I can cover much of kitchenware, and love of knitting and sewing, I make our blankets and pillows, socks, scarves and hats, and my husband being a woodworker and electrician he builds and lights the whole house. To me, this is part of what it means to be an artisan, to make, love, and give meaning to every object you have.

Neta at the Allure Fashion Show.

Neta at the Allure Fashion Show.

Are you personally into art or crafting? If so, what are your favorite things to make?

Neta: I come from a family of artists and writers, and to my own surprise, after some wandering in college I ended up receiving a BFA that I concentrated in Ceramics and a BA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As I said before, my love for art is not what we find today in contemporary galleries, but the passion and creation of the objects that surround us every day, and if on top of beautiful they can be useful, even better. My work spans from painting (mostly watercolors) and drawing, ceramics, which includes sculptures, cups, teapots, pizza stones, incense holders, planters, mosaics, home-heaters with candles, among others, dabble with knitting and sewing, and woodwork.

What is your favorite Loom product?

Neta: All the products created in Loom are incredibly beautiful, but I must say that what left me without words were the crochet baby dresses; the level of detail and cuteness to them is too much!

What's your favorite part about the role so far?

Neta: My favorite part about my role, first of all is that I get to work with: Women/Refugees/Artisans! But in terms of the work is probably the fact that it truly is a creative challenge, and I like challenges. All the way from talking with the maker about each individual product as it is in progress, to come up with new and exciting projects, and to keep on pushing Loom forward, make ourselves known and our mission.

Outside of Loom, what do you like to do for fun?

Neta: Obviously I love love painting, drawing and working with clay on the wheel, but besides art, I love long long hikes in nature, camping, backpacking, traveling, bungee jumping, and cooking from scratch.