Reflecting on Winter, Welcoming a New, Beautiful Spring!

In the midst of our cold Chicago winter, this year began in a state of confusion and fear for the refugee community in our country and around the world. Throughout these policy changes, and through all our days, Catholic Charities and Loom Chicago stand with refugees and have remained committed and will continue to remain committed to welcoming and supporting our neighbors in need. And through cloud of confusion, setbacks, and debates, one thing remained clear: the strength of our supporters. 

Friends and volunteers from past and present shared their memories of working with the wonderful women of Loom. Supporters signed petitions and sent messages to government officials to let them know they stand with refugees, too. We received generous donations and kind words, and for all of this we are grateful and encouraged as we move into this next beautiful season.

Spring is all about growth, warmth, and opening up. Whether you celebrate spring by getting outside, trying new things, or seeking a fresh start, we hope you enjoy the season. 

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Shop our spring-ready crochet earrings and silk scarves.