A History of Loom: Part 1

Loom is a social enterprise offering Refugee women who live in Chicago the chance to use their skills, build a community and receive an income.

Over 6 years ago, Loom began as a simple idea and has grown into a community of women who love to be together. When the director of Refugee Resettlement and the Community Outreach professional at the time noticed a problem, the gears started turning. While families began to resettle in the US, finding homes and jobs, often times the women in these families would stay home while their husbands worked and children went to school. With their day wide open, these women would begin to feel isolated.  To offer some community, our director decided to bring these ladies in similar situations together.

Thus, the first Loom meeting began as a support group.

In a basement on Granville Ave in 2012, the women met together and worked on the craft skills they knew. Many of the women who came in these first few weeks were from Nepal and brought with them beautiful skills in weaving. Week after week, the ladies would come together to weave and knit and laugh.

Due to its roots in weaving, and the chance for these beautiful ladies to grow into a supportive community, the group was called Loom.

We are woven together!

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming next week!