A History of Loom: Part 2

Last week we learned about the beginnings of Loom 6 years ago. Women gathered together to support one another with their stories and presence, and turned to using their creative skills.


As Loom became centered around creating products, women applied their skills. Weaving, knitting, crocheting, fabric dyeing, jewelry making and much more. Today, the ladies of Loom come to the studio twice a week and create together. Many don’t speak the same language, yet through the connection of creativity they teach each other new skills.

Here are some things the ladies of Loom had to say:

“I like Loom because I like to learn new skills and designs.” -Bishnu from Bhutan

“I love everything about Loom. Drawing and embroidery, making new things, everything is good! I like trying new things.” -Dil from Bhutan

”It’s the place where I feel relaxed by meeting my friends and classmates at Loom.” -Saleemah from Iraq

Over the years, women have come and gone. New women move to Chicago and find Loom, and some seasoned Loom participants find jobs or relocate with their families. What has stayed constant within our group is the understanding that ‘together’ matters. Using our gifts to create products that light up our hearts and bring home income, it matters.

At Loom, we are proud to be woven together.